Film is Truth

A Nonprofit

Growing a community of film lovers
through the power of cinema



Film Is Truth is a cultural resource serving Bellingham, WA and the surrounding communities by promoting the appreciation of cinema as art, as entertainment, and as education through providing access to an extensive collection of physical media.

Core Values

Share our passion for film

Curate a unique and diverse collection

Encourage people-to-people interactions

Offer exceptional service

Provide educational opportunities

Create a cinematic hub

Board of Directors

Film Is Truth's Board of Directors are: Front Row: Anna Haskin, Secretary; Charley Dyer, Treasurer; Emily Marston, Board Member; Dee Dee Chapman, Board Member. Back Row: Anna Wolff, President; Sam Kaas, Vice President; Karl Freske, Board Member.


We've run several fundraising events for the organization. See highlights below and keep an eye out for more!

Every Frame Tells a Story - April, 2016

Kickstarter - October, 2015

More information at Film Is Truth A Nonprofit Transition

Every Frame Tells a Story - April, 2015

"Through poetry and music, we'll pay tribute to the magic that movies bring to our lives."


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